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Looking for a powerful and targeted way to reach individuals with a demonstrated interest in the conservative natural health market?

Natural Health Liberty is a premiere natural health newsletter. We give you tips and advice that really works to help you feel naturally healthier, stronger, and happier. We bring the absolute best actionable, valuable, real, honest information to live longer and stronger in today's world of untrustworthy government manipulating of food and drugs and greedy 'Big Pharma'. You will learn how to take back control of your health and happiness every day. Health independence, finally. Published by my good friend and colleague, Alex Wayne. He is passionate about bringing you the information they don’t want you to have. Having struggled to overcome health challenges in his own life, he knows how much dangerous misinformation is out there when it comes to health and liberty. He’s committed to helping men like himself to discover the real solutions that lead to lifelong health, vigor, and mental sharpness. The answers are out there, but it takes someone like Alex Wayne to sift through the garbage and bring you the truth. That vision continues to fuel his passion for health research, to bring you honest, undistorted information that you won’t find anywhere else.

Natural Health Liberty subscribers are intelligent, hard working, self-reliant individuals in the Gen X, Baby Boomer, and Senior segments who seek to improve their overall health and understanding of ever-changing healthcare policy.

Content Is King: The Natural Health Liberty newsletter list is viewed as one of the best in the industry because of the following key drivers:  

  • Quality Content. Our content is world-class by some of the most respected editor’s and best selling authors in the natural health industry.
  • Reader Engagement. Our subscribers are truly 100% opt-in to receive our relevant message to their specific needs. Our business practices are strict when it comes to name acquisition. The sources of our names are high-quality and not through irrelevant means such as giveaways or sweepstakes.
  • Safe Sender. Our reputation is unparalleled in the industry. We adhere to strict email best practices and are CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • Purchase Power. Our target demographic is in the ‘purchase power’ sweet spot… Gen X and Baby Boomers. These are the most affluent demographic ‘super segments in the nation with disposable income and desire for wealth and success… and they’re our subscribers.

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Male: 70%    Age: 45+

Usage/Synergistic Lists: Travel and leisure, golf and sports, publications that target high net worth individuals, viewpoints and interests in alternative health and financial/investing, wealth management and retirement

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Organic search (SEO)   Targeted media buys (banner, email, sponsorships)    Pay per Click (PPC)


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