Hidden Health Risks Caused by This Common Device


There are few devices in today’s high-tech world that are as common as the cell phone. Let’s face it, you probably use one every day just like the rest of us. But did you know that this popular little device might not just be dangerous, but positively lethal?

It’s true. The common, everyday, innocent looking cell phone emits radiation that has been tied to various kinds of lethal cancers and other health dangers.

In today’s article I’m going to share with you some of the latest findings linking cell phones to health risks. I’ll also give you some tips for safer ways to use your cell phone.

Does Your Cell Phone Cause Cancer?

The following case is somewhat representative of many cell phone related cancers. A young woman with no prior cancer risk factors suddenly developed breast cancer. It turns out that this woman had the habit of carrying her cell phone tucked into her bra.

Two renowned cancer specialists found there was only one possibility that could have directly caused her cancer. They said they simply “connected the dots”. The dots were the distribution pattern of the cancer cells. They lined up exactly with the outline of her cell phone! You can’t get a smoking gun hotter than that.

Granted, us men aren’t at great risk of developing breast cancer. And neither do we typically wear bras. But this case serves as a warning to all of us. Men who carry their phones around in their pants or shirt pockets are also exposing themselves to dangerous radiation.

A recent Israeli study determined a sharp increase in the number of parotid gland tumors over the past 30 years. The parotid gland is a salivary gland located in your cheek. The greatest increase has been since 2001, about the time when people began heavy use of cell phones.  Researchers found a massive 400 percent increase in parotid gland cancer since 1970. Meanwhile, rates for other salivary gland cancers has remained stable.

A researcher who participated in a cell phone study testified to the U.S. Senate that cell phone use can lead to salivary gland cancer. His report says your risk of getting parotid gland cancer on the same side of your head that you hold your cell phone increases:

  • 34 percent if you’ve had a cell phone for 5 years and are a regular user
  • 49 percent if you’ve talked on a cell phone for over 266 hours so far in your life
  • 58 percent if you’ve had more than 5,000 cell phone calls so far in your life

Link Between Where You Carry Your Cell Phone and Cancer

If you must carry your phone on you, do it as seldom as possible. And when you do, try to carry it as far from your trunk and groin area as you can.

No matter what part of your body is exposed to the radiation emitted by your cell phone, there is always the potential for trouble. However, some areas are more vulnerable than others.

A recent study found evidence that wearing your phone near your hip can weaken your pelvis. Using x-ray techniques, researchers measured the density of pelvic bones of men who carry their phone on their belt. On average, the men carried their phones for 15 hours per day, and had been using cell phones for an average of 6 years. The researchers found decreased bone mineral density on the side of the pelvis where the cell phones were carried. This raises the odds that the electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones adversely affect bone density.

Remember, as long as your cell phone is turned on, it emits radiation, even when you’re not on a call. Carrying a cell phone around in your pants pocket is giving that part of your body almost continuous exposure to radiation.

Another study on the effects of cell phone radiation found that it can affect men’s sperm count. It also has an effect on men’s DNA. These findings bring into doubt the safety of extensive mobile phone use by men of reproductive age. Why? Because it may affect their fertility and the health of their offspring.

You should reconsider carrying your cell phone in your pocket or on your belt, which are both near your reproductive organs. Not to mention you have other important organs in the same area, including kidneys, liver, bladder, and colon. All these organs are susceptible to radiation.

Compelling Evidence Leads to One Conclusion

Experts studying the impact of EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) say there is no question that cell phones contribute to a range of health problems. Researchers have indicated many ways that electromagnetic fields impact your cells and can damage your DNA.

These leading researchers are adamant in saying there is strong evidence of the harm caused by cell phones. And the danger extends to tablets and any other gadgets that emit electromagnetic frequencies. This evidence can be found in peer-reviewed, published studies. The results of these studies have been replicated and judged by highly qualified scientists. In short, the evidence overwhelmingly supports the findings that cell phones and other electromagnetic devices are harmful to our health.

Even the cell phone industry’s own research showed that 1600 hours or more of cell phone use caused a 40 percent increased risk of brain cancer. Far worse, a recent Swedish study showed that only 2000 hours of cell phone use caused a whopping 540 percent increased risk of brain cancer!

The only conclusion you can draw from all this is that long-term use of cell phones is dangerous, if not fatal.

Tips for Using Cell Phones

Reduce usage. When you’re not talking on your phone, keep it turned off. Yes, you may miss a few calls, but that beats getting sick.

Don’t carry your phone on your person. Carrying your phone on your body maximizes the exposure. Carry it in a briefcase or carry bag. Putting it in a shirt or pants pocket is just asking for trouble.

Use a land line. Whenever possible you should be using a land line. No, it’s not as high-tech as a mobile device, but it’s a lot safer.

Use only where reception is good. When reception is weak your phone uses more power to transmit. The more power used, the more radiation is emitted. The more radiation, the deeper the waves penetrate your head and body.

It is far better to be a little discomforted by making a few changes in cell phone usage than to be faced with a life-threatening illness. Remember, in the case of cell phones, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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