High Blood Pressure: Silent Killer


Today high blood pressure (HBP) is believed to be a major cause of erectile dysfunction (ED).

According to a new study, every second man older than 40 with high blood pressure has erectile dysfunction.

Another more shocking study found that nearly 70% of men had some degree of ED.

It is estimated that 78 million Americans suffer from HBP.

Some drugs prescribed to treat HBP can actually cause it! Diuretics, for example, can decrease your zinc level and blood flow to your penis.

Beta-blockers dampen the signals your brain sends to your penis to become erect, and are responsible for several other effects that can lead you into the ED zone.

You might already know how HBP impacts your cardiovascular health, but I’ll bet most of you didn’t know how it silently kills your sex life, or that it is the primary cause of ED.

High blood pressure over time causes hardening of the arteries, also known as atherosclerosis. This condition prevents adequate blood flow to the penis, leading to problems I will describe below.

Those anti-hypertension drugs you use can easily be replaced by living a healthy lifestyle.

Little modification in your lifestyle is needed to reap the benefits of lowered HBP. Once again you will see how a healthy lifestyle is an effective cure for all the problems you experience.

Penis Anatomy

The bulk of the penis is made of two sponge-like tissues called corpus cavernosum.

Beneath them is the urethra through which urine and ejaculate flow.

The corpus cavernosi are made of arteries, veins, and empty space (cavernosal spaces).

When the moment of truth comes, your brain sends signals that cause these two spongy tissues to enlarge. Arteries start to dilate, allowing blood to fill the cavernosal spaces. The pressure of the blood compresses the veins, blocking blood flow out of the penis.

You now have an erect state as shown in picture B above. Now you know why some guys put a ring around their penis ...

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