Human Growth Hormone


Rejuvenation Hormone

When you get old, your hormones start to decline. It’s obvious that the level of your libido is much lower when you’re in your sixties than it was in your twenties. One of the most precious hormones that declines during aging is human growth hormone (HGH). It’s also called the “hormone of youth”. By optimizing HGH levels, you will start a process of rejuvenating your sex life!

HGH is produced by the pituitary gland, reaching its peak levels during the childhood and teenage years. Yes, it’s the hormone responsible for the growth process. HGH keeps your heart cells strong, thus improving its pumping action, which improves your vitality. When blood is pumped more strongly through the body, you also get improved sex organ function. As you stop growing and get older, your HGH levels dramatically drop, and your heart weakens as well. Researchers found that this decrease in HGH is responsible for many other symptoms of aging including low energy, weight control difficulties, loss of muscle and bone mass that results in joint problems, reduced skin elasticity, decreased immune system, loss of sex drive, decreased quality of life, and an increase in fat mass.

HGH Benefits

By increasing HGH levels, you will:

  • Improve your sleep by having a more restful night

  • Improve the appearance of your hair and skin

  • Reduce joint problems and have stronger bones

  • Renew your sex drive

  • Increase your energy level

  • Control your weight much more easily

    • Improve your immune system

The Palm Springs Study was conducted on a group of 302 participants using HGH therapy, and found numerous benefits in sexual function. The two main benefits were: 75% of participants improved their sexual potency and frequency, while 62% noticed an increase in penile erection duration. Although HGH therapy is the most powerful ANTI-AGING therapy known to science, we see a direct correlation to sex drive, too. We know ...

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