Prostate: The Secret Sex Gland


I remember a young married woman complaining to me a few years ago about her husband not being interested in sex. I asked her,“Did he take the tests?”“Yes,” she said, “everything is normal including testosterone, semen quality, blood flow to the penis, complete blood picture, and so on.”“Huh.” I said. “But what about his prostate?”“Well,” she said, “that’s the only shortcoming. The doctor says it’s enlarged. “Guess what?”I told her. “Prostate enlargement is known to be associated with erectile dysfunction.”

What Is the Prostate?

The prostate is the second most important gland after the testicles. It helps deliver semen to the penis. This gland is the most neglected among men. We avoid going to the doctor even when we have urination problems such as having to sit in order to pee. Imagine a man who will sit to pee instead of admitting that a prostate problem exists!

The problem with enlargement of the prostate is that when prostate cells enlarge they squeeze the urethra, which is responsible for delivering urine from the bladder and transporting ejaculate, which carries reproductive material. Simply said, the urethra is the gateway for urination and ejaculation. A squeezed urethra triggers symptoms of urinary problems.

Eighty percent of men older than 40 have benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). By the age of 60, every second male has one or more symptoms of BPH, which are:

•   Urination delay – harder to start urinating

•   Flow weakness – just as with jumping, you used to jump higher, but now your knees and muscles won’t allow you to jump as high as you used to

•   Frequent urination – my dad used to wake up five times during the night just to take a pee

•   Trouble during urination – you have to put effort into the process of urinating

•   A feeling of incomplete urination – you feel that you still have to pee, but can’t

•   A pressing urge to urinate–your ability to hold your urine is weaker and you feel like you have ...

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