Simple Testosterone Advices


The advice I provide in this article is 100% scientifically proven to increase testosterone, and it’s easy to follow!

Nutritional Deficiencies

For optimal testosterone levels, keep your zinc and vitamin D levels up to par. A huge proportion of males are deficient in these two. Being deficient can and will hinder your testosterone production.

There are two ways to correct a zinc deficiency. The first is through supplementation by using ZMA, a patented formula that contains zinc, vitamin B6, and magnesium. The second way is by consuming high quantities of meat and shellfish. The relationship between zinc and testosterone is so powerful that even a casual attempt to avoid zinc results in a dramatic drop in testosterone. Some older men with low testosterone can double it by supplementing with zinc. Aim for 30mg of zinc daily.

The recommended dietary allowance for vitamin D is between 400 and 800 International Units (IU) per day. Living far away from the equator or staying indoors too much can make you deficient in vitamin D because exposure to sunlight allows your body to make it naturally. Supplementing with 3,000 IU of vitamin D per day will increase your testosterone through regulation of the enzyme aromatase.

A recent study found that supplementing athletes with 750 mg. of magnesium led to a 26% increase in free testosterone. Another found that older men with low magnesium levels had lower free and total testosterone compared to the group with high magnesium levels. Magnesium is an awesome nutrient that promotes better sleep, relaxes the central nervous system, and regulates blood sugar.

Avoiding nutritional deficiencies is a crucial step on the road to a healthy testosterone level.

On The Other Side

Being sexually aroused, watching sexually arousing films or erotica, or even watching hard-hitting or funny films leads to an increase in testosterone concentration and can potentially boost your training performance. Watching sad films or being in the presence of crying women decreases your testosterone.

The scent of a woman at the peak of her reproductive cycle can also raise your testosterone. Men who smelled T-shirts that had been worn by ovulating women had higher testosterone levels. And a five-minute conversation with an attractive woman increases your testosterone level by 30%. Her reaction to your approach does not change the increase you experience.

When out with friends for drinks, choose wisely. Choosing brandy over Coca-Cola does make a difference. Low doses of alcohol are associated with minor increases in testosterone, while a drink containing sugar such as Coca-Cola leads to a 25% decrease in testosterone because it elevates blood sugar. Drinking sugary soft drinks over time continually elevates your blood sugar. This little SUGAR game also leads to eating the wrong kinds of foods. The right combinations of foods are a must in achieving optimal testosterone levels. Grains, pasta, and processed foods elevate blood sugar and should be avoided. If you must eat these foods, pair them with foods that lower your glycemic response, such as meat, nuts, fish, and dairy products.

When you start your day with cereal, you also start your day with a high glycemic load. Then if you eat pasta for lunch, for example, you lower your testosterone even further. But that’s not ALL this does to your body. The sudden drop in blood glucose a while after such meals makes you even hungrier. And not only you are lowering your testosterone, but you are also on the road to ADDING WEIGHT. Going low-glycemic not only increases testosterone, but also helps maintain a healthy weight.

What About Exercise?

The final and most beneficial thing to do is to join a yoga class. There are many reasons for this advice. Yoga relaxes and de-stresses you, which is an important factor in maintaining normal cortisol levels. When cortisol is elevated, it blocks the function of testosterone. A study was done in India on married couples before and after practicing yoga. There were miraculous improvements in desire, arousal, ERECTIONS, orgasms, satisfaction, blood pressure, and heartbeat. These are just some of the tangible results of practicing yoga; its emotional benefits are also worth considering. There are MOSTLY WOMEN at yoga classes, and you get a BOOST in TESTOSTERONE just from being around them. And the coolest thing is that yoga helps build your SEX MUSCLES – those muscles around your penis!

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