Tasteful Ways To Protect Precious Male Gland


Are you making the right choices to protect your prostate? More men get prostate cancer than all other forms of cancer combined. So as a man, you want to take care of your prostate. You want to help it to remain healthy and cancer free. Are there any foods that you can eat (or not eat) to improve your prostate health? You bet there are. Today we’re going to take a look.

The media, public health organizations, and tons of websites are quick to offer you advice. But most of it is sloppy and poorly researched. Some of the advice is just plain wrong. Some of it is so wrong that it can actually increase your risk if you made the mistake of following it. In today’s article we’re going to set the record straight. I’m going to tell you what real science has to say about what foods do and do not alter your risk of developing prostate cancer.

The Red Meat Scare

For years now public health organizations have been down on red meat. That despite the fact that real research shows that red meat is actually healthy for us. So it should come as no surprise when a few years ago the media and public health organizations began to warn us that red meat causes prostate cancer.

The study involved was a large scale project in California. And the results reported by the researchers couldn’t be more different than what the media reported. The researchers actually found that men who eat meat, including red meat, are at lower risk for developing cancer than men who do not eat meat.

There was one caveat, however. What the study found was that white (including HIspanic) men (but not other groups) are at a higher risk for developing prostate cancer when they eat a lot of red meat that has been cooked at very high temperatures. In particular they found that pan-fried red meat and charred red meat could significantly increase white men’s risk.

But there was absolutely no increase in risk for red meat cooked any other way. And suggesting that men should eliminate red meat from their diets could prove to be unwise. Here’s why. Red meat is one of the few commonly-available foods that supplies ample amounts of some nutrients that we men need for health.

Other than oysters, red meat is the very best source of zinc. Zinc is especially important for men. It helps our immune systems, protects our testicles, supports testosterone production, and it protects the prostate. Red meat is also an excellent source of selenium, which is also particularly important for men’s health including prostate health. It also supplies plenty of coenzyme Q10, which is proven to be important for heart health and energy production. It’s one of the very best sources of B vitamins. And recent studies have proven that the fats in red meat are uniquely anti-inflammatory and protective of health, including the prostate.

Of course that doesn’t mean that you should scarf down a 20 ounce steak at each meal just because now you’ve been told that red meat is healthy. Like all healthy things, it is best in moderation. Eat some red meat a few times per week cooked at low temperatures. And if you want to indulge in a grilled steak or a pan-fried burger every once in a while, that’s fine too. The danger is only for white men who eat high-temperature cooked red meat frequently

Incidentally, that same study found that poultry and homemade gravy both significantly decreased the risk of developing prostate cancer in all men. So along with red meat a few times per week, you can also enjoy chicken, turkey, and homemade gravy and know that you are doing a good thing for your health.

Does Dairy Really Cause Prostate Cancer?

A lot of doctors and organizations advise men to cut down on dairy because they are under the mistaken belief that dairy causes prostate cancer. And, in a sense, they are right. But you may recall from a recent article that it is only low fat dairy that is implicated. Studies have found a mild connection between low fat dairy consumption and prostate cancer.

However, full fat dairy does not have that association. In fact, full fat dairy actually lowers the risk of prostate cancer (and all kinds of cancer). So if you want to keep your prostate healthy, don’t skip the dairy. Instead, reach for the full fat dairy. It’s better for you and tastier too. That includes whole milk, whole milk cheeses, whole milk yogurt, cream, and butter.

Will Soy Protect Your Prostate?

Another popular piece of advice you’re likely to come across is to increase your intake of soy. This advice is based on some questionable evidence that men who eat soy may experience a slower progression of existing prostate tumors. But even researchers have cautioned that the evidence for soy is “highly biased”. In other words, it may not be good science.

Even if soy might slow the progression of the first instance of prostate cancer, it may still be bad news. Research shows that if a man survives the first bout of prostate cancer, eating soy won’t protect him from a recurrence. And, in fact, it may make a recurrence even more aggressive.

Even if soy may slow the progression of the first bout of prostate cancer, it does so by feminizing men. Even the FDA reports that soy has a feminizing effect by altering estrogen receptors. And studies have shown that men who eat soy have significant increases in substances that are linked to bladder, colorectal, and prostate cancers as well as cardiovascular disease.

I don’t recommend eating more soy. It’s not a good bet.

Eat Your Fruits And Vegetables

There’s one thing that we can all agree on, which is that eating more fruits and vegetables can significantly increase your health, including prostate health. Study after study shows clear benefits from eating fruits and vegetables. Men who consume the greatest amounts of fruits and vegetables are at the lowest risk for all kinds of cancers, including prostate cancer.

All fruits and vegetables are potentially very helpful. But studies have thus far revealed that the following foods can be particularly helpful.

●     Tomatoes - You may recall from a recent article that tomatoes are some of the very best sources of a nutrient called lycopene. Lycopene has been shown to be a powerful health promoter for the prostate. Remember that cooked tomatoes such as tomato sauce or tomato juice are the best sources.

●     Pomegranate - this fruit has been proven to prevent cancer cell growth in the prostate.

●     Brassicas - The vegetables in the cabbage family such as broccoli, kale, collards, turnips, and rutabagas have been proven to protect against all kinds of cancer, including prostate cancer

Eat these foods as well as a wide variety of other fruits and vegetables daily and you can protect your prostate.


Diet is just one of the things you can do to protect the health of your prostate. Along with getting enough sleep, relaxation, exercise, healthy relationships, and sunshine, smart food choices can give you peace of mind and keep you feeling good.

According to real science, you can protect your prostate best by eating the following, along with a well-rounded diet of a variety of foods.

●     Low-temperature cooked red meat

●     poultry and homemade gravy

●     Full fat dairy (avoid low fat)

●     Plenty of fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, pomegranate, and brassicas

Follow these simple steps and you can rest assured, you’re doing the right thing for your health.

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