Why You Need More Testosterone - Man Up!


If you are older than 45 and suffer from high blood pressure, obesity, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, prostate disease, chronic pain, etc… you are at much higher risk of having a deficiency of testosterone (T). Obese men are 200% more likely to have low testosterone than the average man!!! Men with diabetes are also about 200% more likely! Men who suffer from any of the other diseases I mentioned are about 50% more likely.

Studies found that every third guy over 45 years of age is testosterone-deficient.

There are two main reasons why this is true. The first is that your hormones start to decline naturally at age 35 to 40. Beyond 40 your testosterone drops about 1% every year. In your fifties your T levels are more than 20% less than when you were young. The older you get, the more testosterone-deficient you become.

The second reason is that as you age your sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) rises 1% with each passing year. SHBG binds to testosterone, preventing it from becoming active, so only your free testosterone is biologically active. (I will talk about this precious gemin a future newsletter.) But even your free testosterone drops as you age, too!

Testosterone-deficient men can experience a great variety of symptoms. They are also at much higher risk of getting prostate cancer and developing diabetes and heart disease.

The problem is that when we develop such symptoms we forget that low testosterone might be the cause. Just as a tree takes many years to grow old, symptoms of low T take nearly a decade to manifest. The worst thing is to think that these symptoms are PART OF AGING. Your testosterone level can be dramatically improved, even at your age!

Testosterone is what makes you a MAN. It makes you feel MANLY. And it’s time to man up and realize that you need more testosterone to feel more ENERGETIC, SATISFIED, ENTHUSIASTIC, and ALIVE. The most important thing is that more testosterone will extend your ...

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