How To Get Fit The Lazy Way


If you are stressed out and feel a bit lazy, just like me, the tips below will get you moving. You really can get fit again with minimal effort!
Cutting the Alcohol

Just by skipping your after-work drink, 85% chance you will lose fat.

Replace your alcoholic beverage with lemonade.

That’s what I did, and in one month I lost six pounds by doing this alone! Lemonade provides vitamin C for the immunity you need when shedding those pounds, while alcohol suppresses your fat-burning process.
I get that you drink to lower your stress after a hard day’s work.

That’s why I drank alcohol, too.

But why not replace it with weed? Yeah, I’m serious.

Weed has no calories, yet provides the same stress relief as beer.

The logic is pure and simple: A beer is 400 calories.

Multiply by 30 and you get 12,000 calories per month! That’s the equivalent of the six pounds I lost when I skipped alcohol.
Avoid Eating Two to Three Hours before Bedtime

Eat just as you normally do, but please skip that bedtime snack! You need your quality sleep.

If you eat before sleeping, blood surges to your stomach to assist with digestion.

That’s why you feel drowsy after a meal.

Did you ever eat too much just before sleeping, then wake up very hungry?

Try not eating before bed and see how you feel when you wake up in the morning.

Your blood has been free to help your body with its natural recovery process during  the night.

I won’t bother you with the science behind it, but it’s huge.

Have you ever tried running after eating lunch?

You feel heavy, right?

That’s why I don’t want you to eat before going to sleep – I want you to sleep like a baby.

Through this practice alone you will have more energy, feel less stressed, and definitely avoid extra calories.
Follow a Fitness Trainer on Social Media

If you want to get lean, try following a fitness model on social media.

It will make you want to be like them.

That’s what I do, and it motivates me.

Four years ago I was just as fit as any of those exercise gurus, but then laziness and stress came into my life, and I slowly added 60 pounds! Now I’m getting my shape back the lazy way.

First thing every morning I check out the incredible physiques on social media, and it gets my blood flowing, makes me want to be like them, and shows me what’s achievable.
Three Times a Week for 30 Minutes

Thirty minutes of exercising, three times a week, is all you need.

This is the hardest part of getting fit the lazy way, but here’s an easy way to get it done: When watching TV, do push-ups on the couch.

Do as many as you can for 30 minutes.

The next time you’re in front of the TV, do some squats on the couch or on the chair for 30 minutes.

The third training for the week is to go out and walk or run.

Take your MP3 player and some workout music, and feel the fresh air and the surge you get from the music.

This part is a must – it’s the part that will keep you in the fit zone forever.
Workout Clothes

 For the walking/running step, buy yourself some workout clothes.

It will make you more motivated and you will feel better just wearing them.

I thought this was a stupid idea until I tested it on myself.

It made me aware of the psychological reason why this actually works.

When I saw the running shoes on my feet, I actually felt like a runner.

Just being outside in my workout getup made me feel different.

It’s a great psychological trick, trust me.
Choose the Right Foods and Drinks

When you’re hungry, don’t just eat anything available; focus on eating protein-based foods.

After three months’ of doing this, you will really notice a change.

Eggs, meat, fish, nuts, vegetables, and fruits should be your main focus.

Even McDonald’s is okay as long as you stick to a hamburger without the French fries and Coke.

Burger is a protein-based food, while French fries and Coke are carbohydrate-based foods.

There’s a huge difference. A burger satisfies your hunger, and carbs don’t.

These small changes in your food choices provide a great end result.

Additionally, drink water or a diet drink instead of a soft drink, juice, or beer.

There is real science behind these choices.

People who choose diet drinks over those high in sugar such as Coca Cola tend to lose more pounds.
Be Real

Everything takes time, and so does getting fit.

Don’t expect too much too fast.

Just try the lazy way for three months, and always be honest with yourself, and let me know how it works.

I’m not asking you to make major changes to your diet or become obsessed with exercise.

You can be lazy and still get results!

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