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What about coffee? Good, bad, in between... one of these must be true about coffee. For nearly a decade you have been told by the media that coffee negatively affects blood pressure and promotes diabetes and heart disease. But new studies that keep popping up fail to prove these assumptions.

Coffee is a beautiful beverage when you take into consideration that it’s full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and bioflavonoids. A new study, for example, showed how coffee can reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes.

The caffeine found in coffee is a powerful stimulant used to improve strength and endurance. It’s also a great mental stimulator.

Caffeine’s Connection To Power Output, Testosterone, And Fat Oxidation

How does caffeine relate to training performance and losing weight? A study in which subjects took 200 to 800 mg. of caffeine before resistance training showed that those using the most caffeine had the highest rise in testosterone (19%). Power output and cortisol increased the most in the group that took 800mg of caffeine.

A group of trained and average individuals showed a 12% rise in testosterone and a 5.4% improvement in intermittent sprint performance relative to a placebo group after chewing caffeinated gums.

A third study showed that elite athletes who supplemented with 4mg/kg of caffeine experienced a 12.9% rise in testosterone in a group that slept normally, while a 6.4% rise was seen in a sleep-deprived group.

Studies done on thermogenic effect and metabolic effect showed a desirable increase at a dose of 400mg of caffeine. Caffeine helps your body use more fat than glucose for energy.

The only concern is in regard to insulin sensitivity. While coffee improves insulin sensitivity, caffeine used alone decreases it. Coffee consumption leads to a 30kcal/h rise in burned energy, which means that you can lose weight just by INCLUDING THIS BEVERAGE in your daily diet.

In both trained and sedentary people, a significant increase in power output has been shown in both weightlifting and cycle-ergometer groups with doses exceeding 5mg/kg.

Overall work performed during a workout appears to be greater in groups using caffeine.

As you can see, using caffeine is a great strategy when trying to lose weight and increase training efficacy.

Coffee’s Connection To Cholesterol And Vascular Health

The antioxidants in coffee improve total cholesterol, lower inflammation, and increase HDL cholesterol, which is referred to as “good cholesterol.” The ratio between LDL and HDL cholesterol improved by nearly 10% in those who consumed 8 CUPS A DAY.

Because it increases NITRIC OXIDE production, drinking coffee has been shown to improve vascular health. As a side note, long-term coffee consumption does not raise BLOOD PRESSURE. It’s true that coffee increases blood pressure short term, but it has failed to be proved that this is so for long-term use.

No wonder one large study done on over 40,000 women who drank 3 cups of coffee a day found that they had lower risk for heart failure. We are talking about a magic drink here! Heart disease is the #1 killer in our modern world, and sipping coffee can only aid your heart.

Coffee’s Connection To Fighting Disease

Coffee significantly reduces the risk for Parkinson’s disease. It is so effective that drug companies are now trying to design a drug that has benefits for Parkinson’s disease similar to those of coffee.

A 2011 study showed that coffee helps protect you from Alzheimer’s disease.

A large study done on 50,000 men found that sipping 6 cups of coffee a day lowered their risk for prostate cancer by a whopping 60%!!

Liver, kidney, colorectal, lung, breast, pancreatic, stomach, and colon cancers are types of cancers that coffee protects against.

Other Side Effects Of Caffeine

One great thing about caffeine when it comes to exercise is that it speeds recovery time and reduces SORENESS by 50%!!! It also acts as a great motivator, allowing you to do more repetitions in the gym.

Sipping coffee is associated with lower triglyceride levels, better glucose tolerance, and lowered risk for diabetes.

Did you know that drinking coffee on a regular basis reduces your risk of mortality by 10%? Yes, you read that correctly. You should not fear the “evils” of coffee.

And remember that coffee is the RICHEST ANTIOXIDANT BEVERAGE you can drink today!

What And How

Foods with the darkest pigments usually offer the greatest benefits to health, so always go for dark roast coffee.

Do not add sugar – enjoy coffee’s natural rich aroma and taste. Have you ever heard how smell and taste are great remedies by themselves? This is certainly true in regard to coffee. Some things are just meant to be consumed naturally. The bitterness you smell and feel that is so stimulating is what makes coffee magical.

Buy fresh, whole beans and grind them yourself. Be sure to drink it black from a glass or ceramic mug; remember that a plastic container leaches BPA into your drink.

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