Depression: Mood Problem


You probably didn’t know that depression can lower your testosterone level.

And perhaps you also don’t know how to recognize signs of depression in yourself.

You might not even want to seek help for depression.

But curing your depression could raise your testosterone level.

Today depression in men is growing at an alarming rate. The statistics are shocking!

Eighty percent of those who have symptoms of clinical depression are not receiving any treatment for their depression! It affects 1 in 10 Americans, and the number of patients diagnosed with depression increases by 20% per year.

Curing symptoms of depression can also cure erectile dysfunction.

Studies show that approximately 45% of people with depression report problems with sexual performance, and 40% of those taking antidepressant medications report a decline in their sexual satisfaction.

Erections start in the brain, and when depression causes brain chemicals to become imbalanced, you start having problems with sexual performance.

Depression destroys brain chemicals called neurotransmitters – chemicals that enhance communication between brain cells and provide more blood flow to the penis.

Depression is also linked to high levels of cortisol, which raise blood pressure and lead to heart disease and erectile dysfunction.

Similarly, stressful life events such as losing your job or losing a loved one can trigger erectile dysfunction.

If you have lost the desire for sex, or sex no longer feels pleasurable, you might also have symptoms of depression.

Feelings of anxiety can also contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Unfortunately, antidepressant medications diminish sexual performance.

Their side effects include inability to achieve orgasm, being more prone to erectile dysfunction, a decrease in desire for sex, and lack of enjoyment of sex.

Testosterone affects your brain in NUMEROUS ways, so it’s no wonder depression is strongly linked to having ...

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