Dont Halt Salt


I  hate Salt enemies….

Before you know, I am a heavy salt user.

I enjoy salt more then you enjoy having sex.

Without salt I would die of starvation because salt is the one that gives meaning to food I eat…

Do you know what pork greaves are?

It’s a food made from fried pigs fat tissue.

Something that “gurus” will tell you how eating it will make your life and heart VANISH in no time.

Guess what, my grandma used to SOAK pork greaves DEEP in to the SALT. It was her everyday meal…

She died at 94 years old by natural death….

 You may ask me now “ Alex I don’t want to develop hypertension, please skip this salt bullshit”.

Now you got me angry.

Let me tell you why.

The link between salt intake and hypertension is WEAK!

This myth has done so much damage that today 80% of adults are deficient in IODINE.

Please pay attention: It’s time to end the war on salt.

There is little basis in science for it. The newest science showed that there is no strong evidence that cutting down on salt reduced stroke or other heart disease in people with normal or high blood pressure.
What these studies did find is CRUCIAL: the less salt consumed, the higher the risk of dying of heart disease!

If this doesn’t make you think, then STOP READING, please.

 But that “salt is evil” is so ridiculous it makes me cry.

 Do you know how it was “proved” that salt was bad?

Dr. Lewis Dahl induced high blood pressure in rats by feeding them the human equivalent of 1,250 grams of salt a day! Yes, you read that right: 1,250 GRAMS.
He also found that in countries such as Japan where people eat a lot of salt there is more high blood pressure and strokes.

Scientists even did a research again on sodium intake in Japanese people. They didn’t find any COMPARABLE results to rely on Dahl’s research.

They found that other factors such as genetics and culture could have been the culprit. 

Nevertheless the US declared war on salt based on Dahl’s research.

That was 50 years ago. Since then scientific research has become much more refined, and today scientists cannot find a link between salt intake and high blood pressure. Some studies actually found that the higher the intake of salt, the less likely you were to die from heart disease.
The only problem with salt is that SOME African-Americans and older individuals seem to be hypersensitive to salt.

Are you paying attention to what I just wrote? Only very few of you are actually hypersensitive to salt. You are the only ones that should fear the salt. 

What about a low salt diet? You think it doesn’t have side effects? Once you are low on salt, your body responds by releasing renin and aldosterone, which increase blood pressure!

Do you know why iodine is added to salt?

Because 90% of people who develop a goiter (swelling of the thyroid gland) are iodine-deficient, so the government issued a ruling that iodine must be added to salt. Today iodine deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency.

It’s estimated that up to 40% of Americans have suboptimal thyroid function. Iodine is essential for thyroid health. That’s why there has been an increase in hypothyroidism. Some of the side effects of hypothyroidism are feeling tired, difficulty losing weight, dry skin, depression, some autoimmune diseases, cancer, constipation, and hair loss. It’s due to the absence of iodine in our everyday food supply.

No wonder the Australian government ruled that iodine must be added to bread.

Besides decreased use of iodized salt, other reasons that iodine is missing from our diet include fluoridation of water, reduced use of fish products, and the rise of vegetarianism. Chemicals in water like fluoride and chlorine compete with iodine for the same receptors in the body, and thus inhibit iodine from entering the body.

People who exercise a lot tend to excrete lots of iodine through their sweat. Restaurants and food manufacturers don’t use iodized salt anymore; the new proclaimed “healthy” salt is without iodine. All this iodine deficiency began when doctors started advising us to avoid salt. It’s estimated that about 70% of people today are iodine deficient to some extent. The only way to counteract this is to use IODISED SALT.

You think that eating food will get you salt?

Yes it will get salt but it will not get you IODISED SALT.

If you think that you might be Iodine deficient then follow these advices

• Drink up to 1 litre of milk
• Sea salt Is poor source of iodized salt, instead use iodised salt
• Eat seafood and seaweed. These foods are known to be rich in iodine
• Use iodine supplement

I can’t tell you how many guys and women that applied and listened to the mainstream media , ended up with more fragile bodies then before.

Time has come, to make our bodies strong by applying true information.

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