Dopamine: Pleasure Hormone


Every fifth male has such low sexual desire that he would rather do anything else than have sex.

But what’s behind low sexual desire? There are many different causes, and each has its own treatment.

One problem is caused by certain chemicals in the brain. Obviously sex is linked strongly to brain chemicals.

One of those chemicals is dopamine –the celebrity of all brain chemicals.

One example of its impact is that Parkinson’s patients experienced increased sexual desire when doctors treated them with dopamine drugs.

Sex, drugs, and rock-‘n’-roll are pleasurable, but what makes them pleasurable is dopamine’s power to motivate you.

In an article in The Sun it’s rumored that cupcakes could be as addictive as cocaine because they cause a surge of dopamine, the “reward chemical, ”to infiltrate the brain’s decision-making areas.

When you are in love, the chemical that dominates is dopamine.

Its complexity is tremendous.

Lust, love, addiction, movement, attention, motivation, and so on, all have to do with dopamine.

Dopamine can also boost erections, and today its agonists (chemicals that act like dopamine) are being studied as erectile dysfunction medications.

The thrill of seeking out women is due to dopamine levels.

Its addictive power is explained easily: When reaching the point of no return during orgasm, your dopamine level is at its highest. Then, when you orgasm, your dopamine level returns to its base line(due to other chemicals induced after orgasm which I will talk about in one of my next newsletters).

You get the point – dopamine is the DRIVING FORCE behind the will for having sex.

8 Natural Ways to Restore Your Dopamine Level

1. Music –Music, and even the anticipation of music, effectively increases your dopamine level.

2. Sleep – Lack of sleep leads to lack of dopamine. Not only does it lower your dopamine level, but it numbs dopamine’s receptors, meaning they are less responsive to ...

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