Heart Disease Cause Exposed, Government Failing To Protect


If an unnatural food ingredient was proven to cause heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease, the FDA would ban it, right? Not quite. Read on to learn what this dangerous ingredient is and where you can find it. Also learn how to protect yourself with safe choices.

Trans Fats Proven To Cause Heart Disease

Years ago a huge study found that a type of fat called trans fat was strongly linked to heart disease. In fact, it showed that for every 2 percent increase in trans fat consumption, a person’s risk of heart disease increased by 40 percent!

And in 2002 a major U.S. medical organization made an official statement recommending that trans fats are unsafe even in small amounts.

But the FDA did nothing. Succumbing to pressure from food industry groups, artificial trans fats remained on the “safe” list.

Since then, study after study has shown that trans fats are harmful for cardiovascular health. And finally, recently, the FDA was forced to change its tune only after a scientist sued the organization over its failure to ban trans fats.

The Danger Of Trans Fats

Some safe trans fats exist in nature in very small amounts. The dangerous trans fats are not from natural foods. Instead, they are the product of a process called partial hydrogenation. Partial hydrogenation has been used by the food industry only since the early part of the 1900s. Before that, rates of heart disease were extremely low.

But in the early 1900s the food industry wanted to profit from cheap waste products of the cotton industry. It started to produce partially hydrogenated vegetable oils using cottonseed oil. And it used its huge influence to bribe policy-makers and convince the public that it was “heart healthy”.

Nothing could be further from the truth, however.

Because of a decades-long smear campaign by the food industry, natural fats such as butter came to be thought of as being bad for the heart. Meanwhile, organizations such as the corrupt American Heart Association promoted partially hydrogenated vegetable oils as a healthy alternative.

But by 1957 some scientists began to publish articles revealing the dangers of trans fats. They were drowned out by the propaganda machine of the food industry.

Yet by 2002 there was a nearly total scientific consensus that unnatural trans fats are a major cause of heart disease. And still, many people remained swayed by the lies of the food industry.

The FDA’s Weak Stance Continues

Despite the fact that the FDA has been forced to take action, it has taken a weak action at best. The simple fact is that artificial trans fats from partially hydrogenated oils are proven to be dangerous. Nobody should eat them. Period.

But the FDA has given food producers three years to remove trans fats from foods. And it has even granted food companies the ability to file for an extension.

The FDA is not protecting your interests. It is clearly looking out for industry first and foremost.

Getting The Trans Fats Out

Even though the FDA isn’t going to protect you, there are some simple things you can do to protect yourself.

The bottom line is that you should eliminate all unnatural trans fats from your diet. The scientific consensus is clear. Trans fats can kill you. The only arguments for trans fats are from food industry and its lackey, the FDA.

Dangerous trans fats are found in partially hydrogenated oils. That includes most margarines and many processed foods. So cut out all margarines and don’t eat anything that lists partially hydrogenated oils as an ingredient.

Choosing Safe, Healthy Foods

As I stated before, long before the food industry started making partially hydrogenated oils from industrial waste products, heart disease was practically non-existent. Back then, people were eating lots of natural dietary fats. That included things like butter, lard, tallow, and coconut and palm oils.

The food industry did a good job of convincing the public that those natural fats were harmful. It is ironic that people were convinced to avoid the healthy fats while shelling out their hard earned money for the deathly “heart healthy” trans fats.

But it is now clear that trans fats were never healthy. And it’s clear that natural fats were never unhealthy.

So instead of eating highly processed, unnatural fats, choose natural fats. That should be good news. After all, what man doesn’t like eating butter?

Along with eating natural fats, it’s also a good idea to cut out the other unnatural stuff while you’re at it. Just say no to artificial colors and flavors and chemical ingredients. There are plenty of natural foods that are delicious and much healthier.


The food industry, like all industries, wants your money and doesn’t care about your health. So instead of buying what they are promoting, choose natural, traditional foods that your ancestors would know and enjoy. That includes natural fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, eggs, starches, and, of course, natural fats like butter, lard, and coconut oil.

Make these natural choices, and you’ll be sure to enjoy good health for life.

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