How Retirement Could Kill You


Stop thinking retirement is a good thing for you.

I bet you can’t wait till the day comes for retiring.

I can see you creating the ideal image in your head.

Problem is, new research suggests that retiring is not such a good idea concerning your health.

According to a report released by the Institute of Economic Affairs (,%20Live_Healthier.pdf), health will initially improve when you retire, but after a while it can deteriorate due to reduced physical activity and social interaction.

Being retired decreases physical, mental, and self-assessed health.

The more years spent in retirement, the greater the adverse effects on health.

Fifty years ago people were working longer.

Despite the notion that today life expectancy at age 65 has increased by 4.2 years for men, while healthy life expectancy at age 65 has increased by 3 years for men, the men in a study didn’t consider continuing to work longer than men did 50 years ago.

To put it simply, retirement

  • Decreased the likelihood of being in “very good” self-assessed health by 40 percent.
  • Increased the probability of suffering from clinical depression by 40 percent.
  • Increased the probability of having at least one diagnosed condition by 60 percent.
  • Increased the probability of taking a drug for such a condition by 60 percent.

Authors of this study concluded that a later retirement age is preferable.

Did you know that the world’s oldest man revealed that his secret for living to an old age is to keep your mind and body busy?!

Activity and being social is what retirement often lacks. Being socially isolated shortens your lifespan and leads you to poor health, according to Lisa Berkman, a Harvard Professor.

Staying social with your friends keeps your mind and body busy, and that was the secret of Walter Breuning, the world’s oldest male.

If you retire in order to stay at home rather than to adopt a lifestyle that includes staying active with hobbies, friends, and goals, your health will suffer for sure.

To retire healthfully is to pursue goals and interests that you always wanted to accomplish.

This way you will experience true happiness in your retirement years.

Retirement is a major life transition that affects your everyday life in regard to income, daily activities, and social relationships.

Some change for the better, but others change for the worse.

That’s why it’s hard to use the proper methodology in researching retirement issues.

Retiring is a chance for you to develop a new role for yourself in life that excites and frees you.

Fill your life with activity and purpose. Volunteer, move where people are, be social, join a sport…

This simple advice will let you live a longer and happier life.

Embrace your old years and make it the most fulfilling time of your life.

Do not think your time is over and you can’t do anything for your wrecked health.

Make it a time for a new beginning.

If you start a new hobby at age 65, you might be a professional at that hobby by the time you’re 95 years old.

People tend to lose their identity once they retire, which is a huge thing to watch out for. Don’t ever let yourself fall into depression or negative thinking once in retirement. Instead, push yourself to new limits.


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