Unusual Nutrient Proven To Prevent Cancer


Are you eating enough of this powerful anti-cancer nutrient? If so, research shows it may lower your risk of cancer by nearly 40 percent. Unfortunately, many men are short on this important mineral.

Read on and I’ll tell you what you can do to protect yourself with some simple steps.

Selenium To The Rescue

As I don’t have to tell you, cancer is one of the leading causes of death. But I have good news for you. The trace mineral selenium has been shown to reduce the risk of death from all types of cancer by a whopping 50 percent.

Amazingly, until 1950 researchers didn’t even think that selenium was necessary for health. But since then, it’s been found to be vital for health. It is essential in the body’s antioxidant defense system. Without it, aging happens faster and the body becomes weakened. It’s also been shown to play an important role in protecting against heart disease. It protects against thyroid disease. And it is a powerful preventative against Alzheimer’s disease.

But the anti-cancer benefits of selenium may be the most impressive. In populations with deficiencies in selenium, cancer rates are much higher. Studies have found that deficient selenium is linked with increases in prostate, colon, bladder, lung, stomach, liver, and esophageal cancer.

When deficiencies are corrected, cancer rates drop dramatically. One large scale study found that supplemental selenium reduced the risk of all cancers by 36 percent. And as I mentioned, the risk of death drops by 50 percent.

Selenium Protects In A Dozen Ways

Researchers are amazed to discover that selenium protects against cancer in many ways. In fact, a full dozen have already been discovered.

As I mentioned earlier, selenium is needed by the antioxidant defenses of the body. When free radicals are left unchecked, they cause damage to cells, and can accelerate cancer growth. Selenium makes sure that doesn’t happen. In this way it not only protects against cancer, but gives you a boost in health all around.

Selenium has also been shown to protect DNA. When DNA get damaged, cancer is more likely. So selenium is protecting this important substance and keeping you safe.

Amazingly, selenium has even been shown to help the body to destroy cancer cells.

No other nutrient is known to offer so much protection in so many different ways.

More Isn’t Always Better

Enough selenium is essential for health and cancer prevention. However, excessive selenium isn’t healthy either. When it comes to getting selenium from food, it’s unlikely that you will eat too much. However, when it comes to supplemental selenium, too much is possible.

For every day, between 150-300 mcg (that’s micrograms) is appropriate for most men. And much larger amounts (1600 mcg per day) have been used successfully short term to actually reverse some cancers. However, in general, larger amounts (greater than 300 mcg) should be used only with caution.

Finding Food Sources Of Selenium

Selenium is a trace mineral, which means it occurs in only small amounts. And it isn’t a very common nutrient - especially in some regions with selenium-depleted soil. So selecting the right foods is important.

The very best source of selenium known is the Brazil nut. In fact, they are so concentrated that it only takes 2-3 Brazil nuts per day to meet your selenium needs. If you enjoy Brazil nuts, I recommend that you not eat more than that on a regular basis because they are the one food that can provide too much selenium if eaten in excess.

Seafood is another excellent source of selenium. Oysters, mussels, and clams are all very good sources as are many ocean fish.

Otherwise, meat is a decent source, as are whole grains.

When Supplemental Selenium Is A Good Idea

If you eat selenium-rich foods daily, you should get enough of this nutrient. However, for men who don’t, supplemental selenium may be appropriate.

When it comes to supplemental selenium, the type matters. In natural foods, selenium appears combined with proteins. So when looking for supplemental selenium, look for forms bound to protein. Two of the forms that have been proven to have benefits are selenomethionine and selenocysteine.

And as I warned you earlier, most men will be smart to keep supplemental selenium to no more than 300 mcg daily.


Selenium is a powerful nutrient that is proven to reduce cancer risk. Eating enough selenium is important for health. Aim to eat selenium-rich foods daily. And if you do not or cannot, up to 300 mcg of supplemental selenium has been proven to be beneficial.

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